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Dress Cozy Accessories

Elegantly crafted, perfectly paired: women-made accessories from brazil for your Dress Cozy outfits.

At Dress Cozy, we're passionate about enhancing your wardrobe with accessories that not only complement but elevate your style. Each piece in our collection is meticulously selected to harmonize with our timeless clothing designs, offering you a seamless blend of comfort and elegance.

Dress Cozy Essentials


Crafted from natural, sustainable materials, this vibrant collection showcases the skill of female artisans from Brazil.

Each item, made from cotton waxed with eco-friendly cassava starch, embodies durability and grace. These pieces are more than just accessories; they represent a commitment to female empowerment and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Adorn your Dress Cozy outfits with these accessories to add a touch of artisanal charm and sophistication.

Dress Cozy by Carol Bolina


In collaboration with renowned Brazilian jewelry designer Carol Bolina, we bring you an exclusive collection that encapsulates luxury.

Carol Bolina jewelry, a visionary mother-and-daughter duo, infuses each piece with a touch of Brazilian flair and contemporary elegance.

Featuring refined designs with gold accents, the accessories in collection were designed to elevate your everyday look into a statement of high fashion.

Our accessories are designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to mix and match pieces across collections to craft a look that is distinctly yours. Whether stepping out for a casual day or dressing up for a special event, our accessories ensure you carry a piece of unique artistry with every outfit.