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Based in Vancouver, Dress Cozy is a pioneering fashion brand that redefines everyday elegance for women by merging the vibrant essence of Brazilian culture with the practicality of the Canadian lifestyle. Our collection marries style with comfort, offering versatile wardrobe essentials designed to celebrate the complexities of femininity.

Founded by Carol — a mother, wife, and fervent believer in fashion's transformative power — Dress Cozy emerged from her personal journey during motherhood, a time of profound change and reflection. Carol's passion for fashion sparked the creation of a brand with a mission: to democratize style and empower women through fashion that resonates with their lives and aspirations.

Our pieces are meticulously handcrafted in Brazil by a dedicated team of talented women, using only high-quality, locally sourced textiles. These skilled artisans are mothers, caregivers, and economic providers of their households. We are committed to conscious manufacturing, producing fewer, better pieces that are both durable and stylish.

Dress Cozy invites you to experience fashion that feeds the soul, timeless clothes that offer confidence and grace from day to night, through every season, without compromising comfort.


Carol Botelho

Founder of Dress Cozy